elDee the Don

elDee the Don

Lanre Dabiri, (born May 23, 1977) better known by his stage name eLDee, is a rapper, singer, producer, and yes, Architect.

As a kid growing up in Kaduna, a DJ friend took him to several clubs so he could get a feel of the different sounds.  elDee started rapping in 1992.

He moved to Lagos to study Architecture at Unilag, and later founded the group Trybesmen (1998).  He moved to Atlanta in 2002, but continued to record.  In fact, the video for “I’m Leaving” was filmed in the US, as part of his solo album, ‘Long Time Coming”.

He followed that with Return of the King in 2006 (which won him the Nigerian Entertainment Award for “Best International Album”).


  • 2004: Long Time Coming
  • 2006: Return Of The King
  • 2008: Big Boy
  • 2010: Is It Your Money?

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